opp001 ... agonía catártica - "el sabor del tánatos" mc sold out
opp002 ... blasfemia - "misanthropic unholy pest" mc sold out
opp003 ... averzija - "deveti krug" mc sold out
opp004 ... frater ximenes is dead - "ad nos, ad salutarem undam" mc sold out
opp005 ... summer graves - "demo 2014" mc sold out
opp006 ... cicuta - "apiaceae & algae" mc sold out
opp007 ... zygmythkaupt - "demo collection II" mc sold out
opp008 ... ys - "vast" mc sold out
opp010 ... black vice - "rituals of the anti​-​cosmic doctrine" mc buy
opp011 ... malefica - "ancient burial ground" mc buy

to be released:
opp009 ... vøgelzeremonie - "mannheimritualen" mc
opp012 ... vessel of iniquity - "s/t" mc

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